Alexa Rank Rating : Are Sites Ranked By Traffic Or What?

Alexa Ranking for websites is one synonymous yet not so important part of a website/blog that most advertisers, internet searchers and webmaster look out for based on better rating and other benefits.

Personally I do not take alexa rank has a priority for my blog but I’d check on it from time to time not for anything other than the feeling. Yes, its pretty cool to see your site doing pretty well in terms of ranking even through the ranking does not add or removes anything from your traffic or search engine placement but it just feels good to be among and here are a few reasons why i think alexa rank is still a partaker in blog growth.

Reasons Why Alexa Rank Could Be Essential

Advertising: Yes, believe it or not but most advertisers look at the alexa ranking of a particular site before they choose to really advertise on the site but the bitter truth is, what alexa rank rating says about a particular website or blog isn’t always true.

Quality: Its also often believed that alexa rank for websites means quality hence the better the rank, the better the quality of the site. Most webmasters believe that if you are having a good alexa rank then its obvious that your website is having good quality content but in some cases this is also not true. Most quality websites are ranked lower than other sites that do not have that much quality content.

Respect From Others: Yes, I actually do believe in this also, since alexa ranking for a website is often believed that its based on the site traffic, most webmasters and internet users that are used to rankings tend to give more respect to sites with better alexa ranks.

Authority: Its also believed that when a website is ranked higher, it has some certain authority, obviously yes everyone wants better authority for their website and blogs hence getting a better alexa rank is a yes in this case.

There are obviously many more reasons to why people tend to give value to alexa rank ratings but let’s now talk on the subject matter which is:

Are Sites Ranked Based On Traffic In Alexa Ratings?

If you have been a follower of the alexa trend and have done exclusive research on how it works like me then you should have got your answer and also note that alexa does not rank sites based on traffic at all instances.

Yes, I know that Google and Facebook are said to be the top 2 most visited websites on the internet, well that’s quite correct and in terms of rankings for those sites alexa could be right but what of in the case of other sites?

Let me give an example, I know of a friend’s blog which has been in existence since last year although he became active in it basically some couple of weeks back and he is ranking around 13million in the world and this is a blog that gets around 300-500+ page-views per day and its traffic is basically from search engines while few are from Facebook and twitter shares and just around 2 months back, a new blog was created which happened to be in same niche with my friends blog, the owner hasn’t been active in the blog either until some couple of days back and is yet to start receiving traffic from search engines, it usually gets around just 10-15 page-view pay day but guess what, the blog is ranking around 7million based on alexa rankings, so would you say alexa rankings are been determined by a website traffic? Obviously no.

I also know of a friend who ranks below 100,000 on alexa but when I asked what his daily pageviews was, he told me its ranges between 1-2K daily, so what have we got to say about that.

Like I stated earlier, I personally do not give so much priority to alexa rankings for my blog tho I give a little rather I focus basically on my blog traffic and its doing well for me but I won’t fail to admit that I also want to get a better ranking for my blog after all that’s what most internet researchers use in ranking websites even through they have no idea of what the range of traffic for that site truly is.

In my subsequent posts I will be sharing some tips on how to improve alexa rankings but first I’d love to hear from you, what’s your view about this topic, I mean do you think alexa rank ratings are based on a website traffic?

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