Best 3 Web Hosting Companies That Offer Free Website Transfer Service

Its not just enough to choose a web hosting account without considering the kinda service they offer to their customers for free. Its one thing to make a decision on choosing another hosting company for your website and you would agree with me that sorting for a reliable web hosting company could be quite tasking but do not worry as I already got you covered in my series of web hosting reviews I exclusively wrote on this blog, perhaps you could start from there.

Personally, I know a couple of hosting companies who do not offer website transfer service, some even charge some certain fee for that but then, are you really gonna be willing to settle those extra bills when you can actually get some reliable hosting companies that does that for you absolutely free?

Best 4 Web Hosting Companies Offering Free Website Transfer Service

First, before I commence with the top 3 best web hosting companies I will be talking on here, please be aware that this list are based on my own personal experience with them as I wouldn’t want to write on others I have not personally tested out.

1. HostWinds Web Hosting: Yeah, hostwinds web hosting company happened to be the second web hosting I used after using hostgator as my first and eventually getting kicked out without any genie reason and I know I didn’t write about hostgator kicking me out because I probably felt it wasn’t necessary then or maybe I was just been over looking. HostWinds was the second hosting company I used and they helped me moved my website files from hostgator to their server for no extra cost other than the hosting package purchased.

2. HawkHost Web Hosting: HawkHost was actually the third web hosting company I used after hostwinds. I actually left hostwinds when they kept complaining of CPU and Resource Usage and prescribing that I buy a 2nd grade VPN account which was very expensive hence I had to sort for a better hosting account. HawkHost happens to be the best web hosting company I have used so far, and they offer free website transfer service too. Even through I am noticing some slight delays in support tickets but they still stand out for me and relatively cheap also.

3. NameCheap Web Hosting: Like I have once stated on one of my previous posts, namecheap still stands out as the best when it comes to customer service as their online chats are online 24/7 but they tend to delay in terms of tickets. They offer free website transfer service also. All you need do is provide your cpanel login details and others and you are good to go.

Disclaimer: Please do not judge me by my verdict here, the hosting companies I have listed above offering free website transfer are as a result of those I have tried myself based on their response time.

My Advice: When you intend moving from one hosting company to another, try not to change the nameservers from your current host to your new host until you are very sure the transfer is complete and working.

Alright, I’d love to hear from you too. What are the best web hosting companies you have tried out that offer free website transfer service and are reliable, or have you got questions or contributions regarding the subject matter?

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