How To Find Nigeria Zip / Postal codes For Cities, Streets And Villages

Personally for me, I do think Zip / postal Code means same thing, Oh well, I possibly cannot know every thing therefore please do not quote me as I stand to be corrected. However, A couple of times, people have one way or the other asked me, ‘Samuel, please what’s the Zip code for Nigeria?’, ‘What is the postal Address for my area In Lagos?’.

Okay, do you know what I usually use as my state zip code when filling forms online? I just use 23401. Yeah, I know that might be wrong and funny but it has always worked for me. More so, are you aware that when you use 111111 as your ZIP code when filling an online form, it will be accepted? Yes it will because that code simply means ‘I don’t know it’. Yeah, I just gave you an hint there right?

Moving forward, let’s move back to the main subject matter talking about ZIP / Postal Codes for rural and urban areas in Nigeria.

How To Find Zip / Postal Code For Your Area In Nigeria

If you are quite conversant with geography then you should remember that rural refers basically to villages and its termed as rural settlement while urban are the cities, termed as urban settlement, well if you are not conversant with geography, I guess I just explained what rural and urban area are.

In other to find the Zip or postal code for an area in Nigeria, you will need to visit Nigerian Postal Service Website Here

From the drop down shown, Select the state which you do like to know its Zip / postal code and select the town, area and street name

When done, click GET POSTCODE and the Zip / Postal code will be shown alongside other streets that uses same postal code.

That’s it, following the above instructions, you should be able to find the Zip / Postal Code for any rural or urban area in Nigeria as long as they have a postal service situated there.

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