LiveProfile : Download Pinging App For Android, iPhone And BlackBerry Devices

Its been over a month now since RIM announced blackberry messenger will be going cross other mobile operating system (OS) platform and up till date we are still waiting for that moment. Personally for me, I already purchased an android phone waiting for the moment when BBM will be made available for android and iPhone devices and hopefully, I will be among the first set of people who will port over from blackberry to android with smile on the face.

LiveProfile is actually an application which has been around the blocks for a very long time but not really popular. Personally, I think I knew about liveprofile around 2011 but the interesting news is that, the programmers have made awesome update and features to this app which has made it an alternative to BBM.

Yes, I know most people think the best alternative app to BBM is whatsapp as it is widely used by virtually every smartphone user but LiveProfile has got some amazing features which makes it look more like blackberry messenger.

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Some Features Of LiveProfile App

  • Address Book Friends Scan And Invite
  • Photo and Video Sharing
  • Beautiful and easy to use interface
  • Emoticons
  • Puch Notification(Does not consume battery)
  • Unique Pins
  • Supports major smartphones
  • Message Receipts

I’d believe the above features of LiveProfile are self explanatory but if you do like to have more in-light on any of its features then you can ask using the comment form and I will be very happy to reply you.

LiveProfile Application currently works well on Android, iPhone and blackberry smartphones, whether or not it works on Nokia phones is what I really cannot ascertain now but when information is received regarding that, I will update it on this post via comment.

How To Download LiveProfile On Android, iPhone or Blackberry?

Like I stated earlier, the app currently works fine on android, blackberry and iphone hence, you can download the app from the iPhone App store, Android Market now known as Google Play and Blackberry App World.

You can simply using the search bar on any of this stores to find the app and download or better still, you can visit and choose your OS platform apps store to download the app for your device.

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  • Na wa ooooo for chatting. There are so many apps dat offers chat services. But why can’t these apps share info/ping one another instead of each user to download a certain app.
    I happened to come across an app called ‘wechat’ last week which enables video calling and live voice chat. But I do not see any difference between d app and skype. I think skype is better.
    I also downloaded an app called ‘pinger’ sometimes but later uninstalled it.
    Why can’t skype ping BBM? Or do we have to download all chat apps jus to comunicate?
    Tired of downloading, my 8gb memory card now remains 2gb bcos of apps.

    • 馃檪 that’s a funny one there Jonathan, cant help smiling. I think you have a point there but i think that has to do with technology and the OS these apps where formed from.

  • But a question I have is: why cant’t google develop a chat app that will be peculiar only to android users? This will shut up blackberry users and stop bragging about their BBM?

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