Chitika Online Advertising Network Review – Real Or Scam?

So many times, bloggers and webmasters have always wondered if chitika online advertising network was real or scam, in the sense that, they wondered if they truly pay. Well, here I am again to give an exclusive review about chitika.

First of all, for the benefit of those who might not know or fully understand what chitika online advertising network is, I am gonna give a quick introduction.

What is Chitika Online Advertising Network?

Chitika is an online advertising network of advertisers and publishers, where interested advertisers put up an ad and pay for it and ads are displayed on publishers blogs or sites and they make a percentage of the amount the advertiser is paying per click when the ads is clicked.

You can relate it to Google Adwords and Google Adsense where advertisers set up an ad via Google Adwords, and ads are displayed among the network of publishers sites using Google Adsense, do you now get the point?

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Who Is Eligible To Use Chitika?

Its simple, blog owners who are termed as bloggers, Forum owners or generally, website owners. As long as your website or blog is line with chitika TOS and Chitika Policy then you are good to go.

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Okay, enough of the intro. Let’s head to the subject matter which talks on chitika review, are they real or scam?

Chitika Online Advertising Network Review, Real Or Scam?

Okay, I know this might not go well with everyone who might have read or had experience using chitika but personally, Chitika network is real and they pay.

How It All started?

I actually started using them early this year been 2013 on this same trueinternetworld blog and the experience was pretty cool until I stopped using them 2 or 3 months back.

You might be wondering why I stopped using them but here are my reasons.

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1. The CPC is low, personally, their cpc (Cost per click) is very low, sometimes I’d get over 200 clicks and it could give me just around $2+ which is very poor, but I continued using them for like 3 to 4 months tho.

2. Their ads seemed like it was affecting my readers experience. Most times, I’d look out first to make sure my readers do not have issues with how they interact with my website on both mobile and PC and looking at the way their ads were displayed on mobile, I personally didn’t like it.

Maybe someday, I will still use chitika again in the future if their ad format on mobile is more appealing and their cpc gets better.

Do Chitika Really Pay?

Yes, they pay. I have been paid like 4 times on a monthly payment cycle.

How Do They Pay?

They pay basically using two mediums, Paypal and Check. In other to be paid via paypal, you need to make atleast $10 in a month which is very cool and for check payments, you need to make at least $50, in other words, paypal payment threshold is $10 while check is $50 which is very considerate.

Personally, the cheque payment didn’t work for me as I couldn’t get the check payment till date using my real home address hence I had to option in for PayPal account payment and that’s what I have been using. I have already contacted the support team concerning my check payment which they promised to pay into my PayPal account during their next payment cycle.

What more would you like to know about chitika online advertising network? I am here to help based on the fact that I have been using them for a long time now and Yes, my review about them says chitika is real.

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  • Chitika is one of the powerful adsense alternate people is going to left Chitika due to they want money in sort time. Please make sure 2 thing before using this.
    (1) You have space for text ads.
    (2) Good SEO Work at least 1000 Visitor per day.
    If you have given two think no one can stop you to make money from Chitika. People stop blogging due to they are not getting response. I want to tell you I have started blogging 9 Month back with my blog I used so many adsense but all was in vain. From the last 3 Months I am only doing SEO and Getting 250+ Visitor and per day 1$ too. SO be happy do strong SEO WORK.

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