Samsung Galaxy S4 – Best 4 Messaging Apps For Galaxy S4

Gone are those days when we had to write letters to our loved ones and wait some couple of days or weeks before they eventually receive the letter and another couple of days or weeks before receiving a reply from them via post office. Truth be told, technology has really made communication easy, in the area of cell phones for calls and that’s not leaving out the use of messaging apps in sending and receiving quick messages and conversations.

The better part of this deal is the fact that using these messaging apps costs next to nothing, the only possible charge for some apps is your ISP data usage which is nothing compared to what would be charged if you were sending a text message directly from your ISP network to another ISP network user.

Here on this post, I’d like to share with you my list of 4 best messaging apps which you can download and use for your Samsung Galaxy S4 device.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Best 4 Messaging Apps

1. Samsung ChatOn : First and foremost is the samsung owned cross platform instant messaging app which is available for android, iOS, Windows phone and others.

This instant messaging app stands out in an increasingly crowded space by offering some amazing features like group chat, one-to-one conversation, easy functionality to organise events in real time.

Another exclusive feature of the Samsung Chat on, is its automatic language translation mode, giving it a real practical edge over other messaging apps and with around 70 Million users on its service in accross 237 countries speaking 63 languages. Pretty awesome right? You can download Samsung ChatOn App here.

2. WhatsApp Messenger: Second on the list is the famous Whatsapp Messenger. Yeah, am pretty sure you expected whatsapp to be on the list, well yeah, your expectations were correct.

I wouldn’t know what else to say about this app has I have already written loads of tutorials and post related to it but then, perhaps I should say something more. Whatsapp has been building steady army of users since its first launched in 2009. Even through whatsapp may not be the most fully featured app on the list here, its simplicity, clean interface and range of interesting emoticons has obviously made it stand out as one of the most accessible cross-platform apps.

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Upon first launching, the apps scans your Samsung Galaxy S4’s contact list to automatically detect who else is using the app, which simply means you can send and receive instant messages, images, videos, voice notes and the just introduced, voice messages to individuals or contacts. You can download Whatsapp for Samsung galaxy s4 here.

3. Skype: Number three(3) on the list is Skype. Yeah skype is obviously not new. Am pretty sure you must at one point or the other, heard of skype. Yeah search your mind properly, you know skype right? I bet you’d.

While skype was a household name before Microsoft acquired the company in 2011, the software giant’s involvement has made its mobile app sleeker and even simpler to use.

Skype doesn’t only work on the Samsung Galaxy S4 device, it also works all almost all android devices and iOS devices which obviously makes it a cross-platform messaging apps and with this, you can call people”s tablets, PCs, Macs or TVs from your device. The app also supports video and instant messaging, you can even call other mobiles around the world from your skype app by simply topping up a pre-paid account. You can Download Skype for Samsung Galaxy S4 here.

4.Glide: Number 4 on the list is Glide. Yeah, I quite agree this isn’t a popular app like the earlier ones stated above but glide allows you to send video messages to other contacts by simply tapping on the screen to record button.

Usually, apps like Skype stream videos hence consuming more data depending on the minutes and quality of video calling but Glide on the other hand, claims to use only half as much data thus making it an option for anyone that runs limited data allowance from time to time.

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Another awesome feature of the Glide app, is that, it stores its videos on the internet too which means no space is taken up on your Samsung Galaxy S4’s memory when you are filming with its 1080p HD video camera, betterstill, it means you don’t have to upload or download anything. You can download Glide for Samsung Galaxy S4 here.

There you have it buddy, my list of best 4 messaging apps for Samsung Galaxy S4 to aid instant messaging, hope you like them?

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  • only GOD knows when I will get galaxy s4. I have never heard of most of these apps before.
    but these chat apps are now too numerous. there are still the likes of palmchat, wechat, pinger, liveprofile, viber, hangouts etc

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