Best 4 Software To Surf Web Anonymously On PC Without Getting Tracked

If you have probably worked in some organizations, or used some computers where access to some sites are been restricted or you just wanna surf the web(internet) anonymously without been tracked then this post is for you.

Moreover, if you’d like to visit some sites which do not allow your local ip to access it then you could use the help of some software. For example, some sites do not allow some people from a particular country to acess their website. Have you ever imagined how these sites know where you are browsing from and are unable to grant you access? Its from your IP(Internet Protocol), with these best softwares, you could bypass these restrictions and surf the web anonymously without been restricted or tracked.

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Without wasting much of your time, let’s head straight to the subject matter, which talks on:

Top Best 4 Software To Surf Web Anonymously On PC Without Getting Tracked

1. Hotspot Shield VPN: Yes, hotspot shieldvpn happens to the first on the list. It is a free software programme(VPN) which is used to surf the internet on pc without been traced and with the use of this software, you’d be able to access web pages that normally do not grant access to countries outside USA. Hotspot shield VPN actually creates VPN known as Virtual Private Connection between your computer system and hotspot shield developer website which in tuurn makes web serves think that you are actually surfing from USA and allow you access to blocked websites easily. One major disadvantage is this software is the excess advertisement and sometimes slow when surfing websites but you can learn how to block the hotspot shield ads here.

Download Hotsot Shield VPN

2. VPN One Click: VPN One click isn’t well recognized but it obviously provides the services you can think of. VPN One Click protects your privacy online, unblocks all blocked website services like twitter, facebook, skype, pandora, hulu tv, netflix and others by simply connecting to a virtual private network server(VPN). VPN One click actually sends you request to the real web server by changing your public IP address so it seems that you are making the request to get access to a website from other country making you completely anonymous and all the internet traffic are being encrypted making it more secure and private.

Download VPN One Click

3. UltraSurf: Ultrasurf obviously isn’t new in the block. I actually knew about ultra long time ago, probably around 2010(not so definite of the year). Ultrasurf is a very little PC software of about 1.8MB and doesn’t need any form of installation. It works by sending request data from your system to the ultrasurf servers thus making the request anonymous to the real web servers. It isn’t difficult to set up. Just launch for the instructions and you are good to go.

Download UltraSurf

4. Tor Browser: Tor Browser is one tool which is programmed to improve security and safety of users on the internet. Tor Browser allows you surf the internet anonymously and access blocked websites like facebook, twitter and any other social networking sites thus maintaining your privacy. Tor Browser actually works by bouncing traffic around a distributed network of servers which it termed as ‘Onion routers’. Setting Up tor browser isn’t so difficult, perhaps I’d be writing on that on my next post so do watch out for it.

Download Tor Browser

There you have it buddy. My best top 4 software to surf the internet(web) anonymously without getting tracked. We’d like to also hear from you, do you know any other tool, browser or software that can be used to surf the internet anonymously and access blocked websites? Please do share with us using the comment form.

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  • These software are really helpful for open certain sites which are restricted in that area or for that IP. So these software sets an easy flow for user to set upon environment for better usability.

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