Best 4 Soccer Apps For Android Phones And Tablets

As you might know, Major league Soccer playoffs are coming up soon and it would be an awesome idea to gave the top best soccer apps downloaded on your android.

There are plenty of android apps to keep you updated on scores from MLS, get in the spirit and even be a part of the matches. These apps just don’t keep you updated with MLS matches, it also keeps you posted on other matches.

Please do not get me wrong, these apps are not just about scores and stats, they’ve got a few Downloading kicked up in there too just to keep you occupied once you’re caught up on news. So all you sport lovers who enjoy playing soccer games, stay with me and let’s read on the best apps.

4 Best Soccer Apps For Android

1. MLS MatchDay: This is the official app for Major League soccer. As usual, stuffs like scores and news are included in the app alongside additional filters and a club favoriting feature to make sure you’re getting the information you’re more concerned about or interested in. Users of this app can go for a premium subscription which cost little if you want to catch live streaming or on-demand video of their favorite matches.

Download MLS MatchDay

2. Flick Soccer: Flick Soccer is awesome for a casual football game. It presents a variety of games where players have to race against the clock, hit targets and score some goals. The swipe recognition is highly polished and results in some very natural-feeling kicks. Flick soccer costs just around $2.30 U.S Dollars.

Download Flick Soccer

3. Live Score Addicts: This is another highly regarded football app. The user interface is no doubt but a little more polished than Fotmob and you can get team notifications without a premium upgrade. You can follow multiple leagues and teams, check current standings and vote on the outcome for upcoming matches. For optional in app purchases, you can buy new user interface color schemes.

Download Live Socccer Addicts

4. FIFA 14: Fifa 14 is obviously one of the best apps of its kind. If you are looking for something a little more intensive than flick soccer, Fifa 14 offers the full experience for free. Hand pick your team from across 33 leagues(including MLS) and play in stadiums all across the world. Over time, you gather coins with which you can get new players and items for your team. Obviously yes, you can buy those coins through in-app purchases if you’re feeling lazy.

Download FIFA 14.

There you have it friends, these are what I could consider as my favorite soccer apps on android. Let’s hear from you, what are your best favorite soccer apps for android?

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