Addynamo Introduces Sponsored Content As A New Way To Making Money Online

One of the leading south african advertising company, Addynamo has released a new way for blog and website owners to make more money from their blogs. The company seem to always have new innovation rounds the blocks. I remember when they first started out with just advertising like Google adsense and and later on, they introduced tweeting on twitter as an avenue for twitter account owners with good number of active followers to make money and just yesterday, i received an email from them which introduced sponsored content as another avenue to making more money online and this is exclusively for blog and website owners.

Read A Copy Of The Message Below:

Paid Content

Introducing a great new way to earn an income from your website or blog.

Paid Content makes your site visible to leading brands & gives them the opportunity to negotiate for you to produce an article on your site.  Get paid to publish content about only the brands you are comfortable with.

This revolutionary new product launches shortly, and there is a very simple approval process to get your site setup and made visible to top brands.  If you want to take advantage of this opportunity please do get in touch with our team to run you through the steps required to get started.

Best of all, Ad Dynamo’s world leading payment terms still apply and you’ll be paid on the 1st day of every month.  That’s Happy Business!

How Making Money From Sponsored Content On Addynamo Works?

The new innovation works in three easy steps:

1. Brands will make you an offer to produce content on your site.

2. You decide if you want to accept the offer or not and set your price.

3. If the brand accepts your price, you produce the content and publish it… and get paid.

Its that simple. Hope you enjoy making money from Sponsored Content courtesy of Addynamo.

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