Nokia Android Phones Official Name Is Nokia X, See Specs And Features

For sometime now, its been speculated that Nokia will soon be producing android phones but when it was gonna be officially released was something no one knew. Oh well, Nokia Android Phone is called Nokia X which is also known as Codenamed Nokia Normandy.

Nokia X Specifications

Based on sources reaching me, Nokia X will be packing a 1GHz Snapdragon 200 8225Q, 512MB of RAM and 4GB of inbuilt memory(internal memory) and probably come with space for a microSD memory card.

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Based on reports, Nokia X will be having a 4-inch (480 x 800 pixels resolution) display, 5MP camera and a 1500mAh battery. Apparently, Pictures show the phone will bear support for double9Dual) SIM.

Am pretty positive that most people will go for the Nokia brand considering past records of phone durability and battery life.

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  • Oboy your blog fine o: that’s by the way sha.
    All that we have been hearing and seeing about Nokia and their Android initiative has remained only a rumor from unrliable sources.
    What is the latest between them and Microsoft concerning windows mobile smartphones, has the agreement between the two bodies expired?

  • I also stumbled upon something like this last week but further studies revealed the normandy project was only planned to be executed by Nokia Inc. before they signed an agreement with microsoft to produce windows mobile phones.
    It is unlikely Nokia would hav gone into agreement wit google on android OS because their agreement with Microsoft has not expired hence they can’t go into agreement wit any other company

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