Easiest Way To Install Android APK Apps On Blackberry 10 Phones WithoutSideloading

Back then when I was still rocking the blackberry tablet otherwise known as blackberry playbook running OS10, the only way to which we could install android apk apps on the device was via sideloading. Sideloading android apps to the blackberry 10 tablet needed to be done using a computer alongside a .bar version of the android app. Although i had there was a simpler way using Google Chrome browser, i never bothered to try it out.

What that entails is, ordinarily, android apps usually ends with .apk. But if we had to sideload android apps to the blackberry 10 playbook tablet, we needed to convert the file to .bar extension and then sideload using a PC.

Install apk android apps on blackberry 10 phones like z10, Q10 and Q5

Oh well, let’s not deliberate on that. We are actually talking of blackberry 10 phones like Q5, Q10, Z10 and Z30 devices. Installing android apps on these devices is as easy as ABC. Yes! You heard me right.

Installing Android APK Apps On BlackBerry 10 Easily

Although the sideloading process to installing android apps on blackberry 10 phones still works but why undergo the long and demanding process when there’s a much easier way?

Installing android apps on Blackberry 10 phones like Q5, Q10, Z10, Z30 is as easy as downloading an android apk app and installing it. Yes, its that simple.

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Just before you go ahead and try out what I just said, you needed to set your bb phone to be able to install apps from unknown sources.


==> On your blackberry 10 phone, go to settings

==> Scroll down till you get to App Manager

==> Tap on it. Tap on Installing Apps, make sure its turned on so you can install apps from other sources other than the BlackBerry world which doesn’t seem to have most apps we need.

When done with that, try downloading an android app in apk format, install it and open. It worked fine right?

Note This About Installing Android APK Apps On Blackberry 10 Devices

So far so good, I cannot ascertain whether or not all android apps works on blackberry 10. However, with the steps outlined above, I was able to install instragram, opera mini browsers, download manager on my blackberry 10 phone.

Please be also aware that you cannot download apps from the android market otherwise known as Google play store but other sources sure works fine.

In subsequent posts, I will be writing on how to download and install instragram android apk app on the blackberry 10 phone alongside other interesting tutorials.

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