June 2014 Free Browsing Cheat On GLO, MTN, Airtel and Etisalat?

Yes, I quite understand that Nigerian Students would be searching for free browsing cheats for MTN, Globacom, airtel and etisalat network, especially for June 2014. First of all, let me apologize if the title of this post got your attention. But let me ask you something, Did you notice the question mark? That means, I am also asking if there are any free browsing trick or cheat for any of these network lol.

Sincerely, gone are the days when free browsing cheats were easy to come by. These days, its as hard as if they no longer exist. In fact, none exist for now although I don’t know what tomorrow holds.

Free browsing cheat on glo, mtn, etisalat, airtel for June 2014

June 2014 Free Browsing Cheat For GLO, MTN, Airtel and Etisalat?

Again, I apologize for the title of this post however, it wouldn’t be fair to just say all these without providing a solution or anything close and that’s why I am going to be posting some cheap browsing methods that I wouldn’t consider as cheats. I think ‘tricks‘ should make a better sense.

Use Glo BIS ON PC, Android, iOS or Other Devices

Some know of this method while some don’t. If you happen to be among those who do, then congratulations and I hope you are rocking it. If you don’t, Thank God you are here now.

On an earlier post, we discussed exclusively on how to use glo blackberry internet service on PC and other devices. If you use a BlackBerry 10 phone like Z10, Q5, Q10, Z30 then you are good to flexing this trick. If you use other lower bb phones, you might want to try the blackberry desktop program. However, I use a bb10 phone and I guarantee glo bis thingy works very well but for lower bb phones, I give no guarantees on that.

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Use Airtel BIS on PC, Android, iOS and other Devices

Yes, am pretty sure you should be award of airtel bis package working on these devices by now.

If you are not, then I presume you aren’t so current when it comes to freebies on internet or cheap internet usage.

For using airtel bis on PC, android, iPad and other devices, you do not need a BlackBerry 10 phone. Just have a modem or internet enabled phone with hotspot feature. Subscribe to an airtel complete bis package and you are good to go.

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Although we publish more of educational news than stuffs as this, we are committed to helping Nigerian Students with everything we think are needful and that’s why we’d post stuffs as this whenever we get our hands on them.

With the steps listed above, I know it doesn’t seem like a free browsing cheat for etisalat, mtn or other networks but these are the cheapest means of browsing on glo and airtel as at this month been June 2014.

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  • Please i’d like to know if this glo bis thing still works on bb10 phones cos im thinking of getting a bb q10 phone. please i will be delighted by a swift reply. Thanks

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