Download 2go V3.6 With Blackberry Symbols and Smileys .Jar

If you have been a regular user of 2go messenger then you probably would have come across some blackberry symbols and smileys been used by most users. Am sure at first, you had guessed they use a blackberry phone right? Yeah, its pretty confusing but 2go Version 3.6 which we are talking about here, has got the symbols and smileys embedded in it.

If you have always loved using blackberry symbols in your chat and perhaps, always want your friends on the network to think you use a blackberry phone even though you only use a Java phone then you should go for 2go v3.6.

Another interesting thing in using this version, is the face that after the first login of your username and password, you do not have to input 2go detail again.

download 2go version 3.6 with blackberry smileys

This version is obviously the best for blackberry phones. Blackberry phone users can search for that online or perhaps, visit the official 2go website.

Download 2go v3.6 With Blackberry Symbols

To Download the application directly, please click here. The file is in Jar format and is compatible with JAVA Phones. It’s just about 300KB hence you shouldn’t get scared of your data.

If you have tried out the 2go v3.6 application that comes with blackberry symbols, we’d like to hear your opinion about the app via the comment form.

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