How To Make Glo Bis Work On Android Phones – August 2014

Hello Buddy, I know most people do not know that glo bis works on android phones and i just want to clear the air on that. I quite understand that before now, there have been speculations that glo bis subscription can be used on android phones but there haven’t been much noise about it to clarify that believe to been positive. But just before i hit the hammer on the nail, let me quickly share with you, how i came about this.

Around last week, i traveled to Benin. In the course of my visit, i decided to check on some friends who i haven’t been opportune to meet since this year. When i arrived at a particular friend’s house, i realized she was using an android phone. Gioneer android phone to be precised. Been a guy who enjoy talking about cheap browsing and stuffs which relates to phones, internet and browsing, we got talking on how much she spends monthly for subscription on her android phone.

She smiled and said she spends just N1000 monthly.  Without much guessing, i asked if it was glo bis plan and she said Yes. Trust me, i needed to find out how she does it. At first, she was reluctant to letting me know, but after much persuasion, she finally gave in. She said she did a tweak in other to making it work.

use glo bis on android phone

Okay, enough of the story. The point is, glo bis works flawlessly on android phones. Trust me, i am not just going by her word. I needed to confirm it before posting it here on this blog and that was why i had to use my brother’s Tecno android phone since my android has been hospitalized for sometime :-).

Steps To Use Glo BIS On Android Phones

All steps i am going to be outlining here are the steps in which i followed in other to use my glo bis subscription on an android phone.

==> First and foremost, Make sure you have an active glo bis subscription. GLO monthly bis plan costs N1000 and you are given 3GB.
==> Use the subscribed glo sim in browsing on a blackberry phone for like 5 minutes or more. Any Blackberry can work. In my case, i used a blackberry Q5 and in my friend’s case, she used a blackberry torch 2.
==> Remove the glo sim from the blackberry phone and insert it to the android phone.
==> Normally, when you navigate to the internet settings on your android phone, glo internet settings should be made available by default.
==> Edit the default APN setting and use Leaving the username and password as flat still works.
==> Save your settings and enjoy using your glo blackberry bis plan on android phone. That’s like getting 3GB of data for just N1000 monthly. Isn’t that incredibly cheap?

Better news is, If your android phone has hotspot feature, you can turn it on and other phones, computers and devices with wifi feature can connect to your android phone and browse with the glo bis subscription in it. However, i would advice you set a password for your hotspot to prevent unauthorized usage by persons living nearby.

Next, I will be trying out if GLO BIS works on PC Computers using modem and if that is successful, i will definitely let you know via this blog hence you are advised to always watch out for my latest posts.

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