Can MTN BIS Absolute Plan Work On Blackberry Z10, Q10, Q5, Z3 Phones?

On an earlier post, i talked on glo bis been the cheapest plan for blackberry 10 phones and i recall stating that i would be trying out that of MTN BIS. Based on my speculation and based on reports by most people, mtn bis offers 3GB data daily. Although this is not the official set down data space, no data space for the daily, weekly and monthly plan was specified. Instead, you are been told you in within fair usage or you’ve passed fair usage. Usually, if you have passed fair usage limit for the mtn bis, data connection on your bb phone will be deducted from your credit. Having said this, it is rumored that the MTN BIS Daily plan offers 3GB.

I attempted trying out the MTN bis plan on blackberry 10 phones like Q5, Q10, Z10, Z30 and Z3 because if it works on any of these devices, then obviously, it will be the cheapest plan for bb10 phones.

mtn bis absolute plan work on blackberry 10 phones

MTN BIS Absolute Plan Does Not Work On BB10 Phones

Upon testing it out, it didn’t work. MTN BIS Absolute plan does not work on bb10 phones like Q10, Z10 and the rest. For those who intend trying it out, you should please take note of this so that you do not waste your credit.

I actually tested using the daily plan which goes for N120. Fixed it on a Q5 and it didn’t detect if there was a subscription talk more of browsing or pinging but it works perfectly on lower bb phones like torch, bold, curve and other lower versions.

So far based on my testings, The Normal MTN Night plan package which gives you a total of 4.5Gb(1.5GB during daytime and 3GB during night time) works on bb10 phones. You can also use it on your modem, android, iPhone, iPad or any other device with internet connection.

Summary: Following this verdict, GLO BIS still remains the cheapest data plan for blackberry 10 phones as you get a total of 3GB for just 1000 which you can even share to your PC or any other devices with wireless feature via hotspot.

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