MTN BIS On Computer, Android and iOS Blocked, Other Cheap Browsing Method

Just when we thought MTN Bis plan working flawlessly on PC Computer, android, iPad and iPhone has come to stay for a while till perhaps the FIFA world cup was over, hopes were short lived. This seemed like airtel free browsing cheat on PC and android which didn’t last long. It seem like these mobile telecommunication companies are up to frustrating youths by blocking every browsing cheat or tweak that is been discovered one way or the other.

Oh well, thank God for the fact that they didn’t take what I would term as ‘cheap browsing‘ away from us. If they eventually do, I would perhaps turn most of my sims to answering machine.

mtn bis on computer blocked, other means of browsing cheap in nigeria

Without much talk, the point is, the most recent tweak which allows the use of mtn bis on PC via the use of PDProxy, android via droidvpn, iPad and iPhone via openvpn, have all been blocked. This blocking isn’t specified to these vpns alone. In general, mtn bis no longer work with VPN softwares. At least, not for now.

Having said that, lets revert to the only cheap browsing methods we currently have and that’s the use of airtel bis and glo bis. Yes, I know you are aware of those but those are the cheap browsing method currently working.

Cheap Browsing Method Currently In Nigeria

I personally get 12GB of data for just 4000 per month compared to normal data subscription which could go as high as paying 5000 for just 3GB of data. Take my advice, stick to using glo or airtel bis on your PC, android or other devices. If airtel isn’t good in your area, then move to glo. But if both network isn’t good in your area, then you might as well start making plans to packing out of that hood o.

Use Airtel BIS ON PC, Android, iPad and iPhone

This isn’t new. You probably know about this. A normal bcm code sent to 440 for monthly bis subscription could be used on computer, android, iPad, iPhone or any other device flawlessly without having to undergo any special settings.
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Use Glo BIS on PC, Android, iPad and iPhone

Using Glo bis on these devices based on my usage so far, requires a bb10 phone such as a Z10, Q10, Q5. Just subscribe to glo comonth monthly plan, turn on the hotspot feature on the blackberry phone and connect whatever device you want to browse on via wireless.
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When any new free browsing or cheap browsing comes up, I will definitely share it with you here on trueinternetworld.

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