Set Up MTN BIS To Work On iPhone, iPad iOS Devices Using OpenVPN

If you are an MTN BIS user and also own a PC or Android device, i want to believe that you are already rocking the use of mtn bis on these devices. If by now, you still haven’t tried it then please permit me to say that you are on a very longggggggggg thing.

It is quite understood that free browsing cheats and stuffs related as this rarely works with iOS devices like iPhone and iPad hence, users of these devices are often left behind.

We have got good news for iPhone and iPad users, MTN BIS can be configured to work on your devices via the use of OpenVPN.

use mtn bis on iphone and ipad

How Can I Use MTN BIS On iPhone and iPad?

If you use any of these devices and perhaps haven’t surfed for a while now due to high cost of internet data, smile again because MTN BIS daily plan is just around N120 which works for 24hours ours. Please Don’t get it confused pal, ordinarily using mtn bis on your iphone wouldn’t work. You need to set up OpenVPN in other for it to work.


==> Download OpenVPN from your device App store which is known as iTunes
==> Secondly, download and extract the .OVPN file here into your OpenVPN inbox and input your registered username and password. You can always check for free usernames and password
==> Use username as vpnbook and password as 3rEreWre
==> Use default Blackberry APN which is on your openvpn configuration and you are good to go.

Once again, if you have an active mtn bis plan and you are not flexing it on your android or pc device then pray you are not lost in sambisa forest but if you are, trueinternetworld is here to find you.

If your excuse at initial post was because you are using an iOS device like iPhone or iPad, we have given you the steps on how to use mtn bis on your iOS device above.

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