2go Account Suspended – My Effort So Far To Contacting 2go Support Team

For some time now, I have often been receiving comments from 2go users based on the fact that their 2go account was suspended. Precisely few days ago, these kinda comments increased drastically. It seemed more like a lot of accounts were suspended. Apart from comments on the related blog post, a lot of readers sent messages complaining to the fact that their 2go account was suspended without violating the terms and all of them wanted solution in regards gaining access back to their account.

Following the comments that were posted, most of them think I(Samuel Adeniy) am a 2go staff hence they have been relying their complaints specifically to me. Some went as far as posting their 2go account username and password. Of course, I didn’t approve such comment. You might be wondering why but its basically to protect the interest of the 2go user and preventing unauthorized usage to the account. Some even use the avenue to advertise their procrastination in been able to restore a suspended account and of course I know they are only trying to defraud users and for that reason, I choose not to approve their comment also.

2go account suspended

Now, some pointed out that I was fake and wouldn’t do anything to assist my readers based on their complaints and that’s what this post is about.

Reasons To Why Your 2go Account Was Suspected

Just before I go over to stating measure i have taken to reaching the 2go team, I’d like to point out some possible reasons to why a 2go account could be suspended.

First and foremost, let me officially make it known that I I(Samuel Adeniyi) am not a 2go staff. I am just a user of the messaging app who understands some things about the app and shares them here on this blog.

1. Wrong Account Profile Details: One of the possible reasons to why a 2go account could be suspended is due to wrong profile details. Most users tend to use fake or incorrect names in filling the fields where they are asked ‘Name, Surname and others’.

2. Violate 2go Terms: If you are very of the fact that you filled in your correct profile details when signing up for the account and yet your account was suspended, then you may have violated 2go terms knowingly or unknowingly.  I would advice you check out their terms here to confirm whether or not you may have violated.

3. Account Inactivity: I don’t know how true this is but there is a reason to believe that the team occasionally deletes or suspends accounts that have been inactive over a long period of time.

Having known all this, I’d like to state out some measures I have taken to reach the 2go support team regarding my readers complaints.

Report On Efforts Taken To Reaching 2go Support Team

The basic reason to why I am stating this is to clear the minds of those who think I am doing nothing regarding their complaint.

Following the message received by those whose accounts were suspended, it was stated that the support email address is support@2go.im.

I sent a message to support@2go.im few days back and up till now. I haven’t got a response from them. My message to the email address reads thus:


My name is Samuel, i am a blogger. Please for some time now, i have been receiving a lot of comments and calls from my readers asking how they could get their account back after been suspended. I personally do not have a clear answer to this and that is why i decided to get in touch with your company to know how a user can actually get his/her account after been suspended.

Some claim their account were been suspended without any violation and some admitted to have violated. Whatever the case may be, please i apologize on their behave and would like to know if an account can be retrieved after been suspended and if yes, please guild me on how so i could share with my blog readers. Thanks.

Precisely 2 days ago, I visited the main website at www.2go.im and used the contact form in sending the same message and up till now, I still haven’t received a response from them.

Yesterday, I went through their social media accounts, tweeted at 2gomessenger using twitter and sent a message to the official page on Facebook and up till now, no response from the team.

Few hours back, I used whois in getting the domain registration details and no much details was shown. The only email address I was able to find from the whois record is dns-admin@2go.co.za and I also sent an email address to that email and up-till now, still no response.

I will be posting on update here if I get a response from the team. Now, for those whose 2go accounts were suspended, please be aware that I am making efforts and all i need is your support.

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  • If dat be the case, thanks 4 ur effort 2ward seeing dat our suspended 2go account is been retrieved back, God bless u. Bt it’s quite unfortunate dat 2go company doesn’t have a customer care representative dat we can reach out 2 directly in order 2 lay down our complaints. Tank u so much bro samuel God bless u once again. Hapi independent day.

    • Seriously, i don’t know why a company will have a business without a support team to help users with their complaints. They still haven’t replied any of my msgs till now. Thanks buddy and happy independent day.

  • My 2go has been suspended too.. I tried all i could but still d same…am just tired. I wnt to start using my old sim but Pls hw can i buy go credit with anoda sim cos i lost d sim i use in opening d 2go

    • I am afraid you cannot buy 2go credit with that line since the line is no longer active. The best advice would be that you open a new account with your current sim.

  • Am so suprizd that a large company as this wouldnt hav a representative to reach in problems….but its so owk because this would make them loose we (their customers). Again, bfore someones account gets suspended, there should be a warning stating the persons offense and not suspending someone just like that. Thanks Samuel for your efforts.

  • its really unfair…… Suspending accounts with no reasons………. My accnt has been suspended i have to get a new sim and re register…… Its totally unfair

  • Hmm!i never thought they are people out there facing the same problem as mine till I come across this site today,my account also got suspended for no any known reason. have also tried emailing them nothing good comes out yet,my second thought was maybe is because they can no longer have any star above ultimate(have been ultimate for almost 2years).thanks a lot for your help sam and may God bless u.

  • i luv 2go bt wat hav i done dt warrants me d suspension,i can no longer chat on 2go cos am suspended,pls how do i seek solution to ds,hlp me ,i stl want to chat on 2go

  • I have suspended 0ver 0ne week n0w, i cnt use my 2g0 again, what shuld i d0 n0w t0 get my acct back my username is uncleub

  • My 2go acct. has been subspended 4 d past one week nw pls i reali need my acct back pls. D username is ryan702 star: ultimate nd i dnt knw y dey subspended d acct

  • good day.my account got blocked a few days ago for breaking 2go terms and condition, I thereby plead of guilty of any consequences been given to me. I also plead to get my account back and I promise to never break the 2go terms and condition again.account username olamide5920,account number 08068569759.IP address(/

  • I think all. Dis shud be down to their new security system upgrade where they promise to protect u by suspendin or banning of any body dat abuse ur privacy if they re reported.jst like the rule wasn’t fully implemented b4,they restated their commitment towards d rule by sending all 2go users fresh mesages[check ur 2go mesages 4 dat] stating u shud report any individual dat is guity of one abuse or d other n trust nigerians,someone will report u @ d sligtest provocation so u might as well b a vicim

  • Hi sam,I hv been getting this message{This application requires the following modules, which are not installed:
    net_rim_bbapi_push} weneva I tri 2 install 2go on my curve8520 plz help

  • hi, i was also suspended for breaking 2go terms nd condition…not knowing wat i did..nd i av lost deY numba dat i use tew open dey acct plz bro samuel..help me i need da acct back….dix my username starboy10611….tankx

  • 2go suspended my acount last 2month i wrote to them 2their email addres 4times 2open my 2go again and on monday they sent me a text dat they hav re-enabled my 2go i was suprised .i hav loged in

  • I was blocked for no reason and hence they say i was insulting wich i dont know of pls help me get my account back.thanx says:

    My user name k1øne

  • Ever since i entered veteran my star seems to be blocked it is not moving anymore and i don’t know why i would like 2go team to see me through thank you

  • Gud day please my 2go account was bannd please help me get it back username bruno1240 number 08178301676 star-ultimate thanks and may GOD bless you..

  • Anytime I wants to login,it says wrong user name and pass word and if I try to click on the forgot password icon,its says my number has not been registered wit 2go.

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