Download Funny iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus Images

Since the release of the New iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 plus, there has been a lot of speculations to this device. A lot of images have sufficed on the internet giving some kinda prices to the iPhone device and some are obviously making mockery of the device.

Few days back, i announced to you that iPhone 6s broke record and made 4 million pre-order sales in the first 24 hours of the device been released. While surfing the internet, i came across some funny images making references to the iPhone 6s. I know i shouldn’t be posting those here as they may not be relevant but then, am sorry, i really cannot help but share with you. Perhaps, you could download and share with others. Remember to make reference to trueinternetworld blog *winks.

Funny iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus Images

Disclaimer: I came across this images on the internet and decided to share it here with those who might be interested. My aim is just to share and not to make mockery of the iPhone 6s. Trueinternetworld will not be held responsible for any misuse. Thanks.

Funny iPhone 6 image


download funny iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus images









If you’d like to download any of the images, simply click on the specific image if using a mobile device and click on save. If using a computer, simply right click on the specific image(s) and click save image as. You can use the images as your Display Pictures, upload them on Facebook or any other positive medium. However, please be aware that the method at which you choose to use any of the funny iPhone 6 image is solely your responsibility.

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