Parrot App Allows You Record Voice And Calls On Blackberry 10 Phones

As much as I love my blackberry 10 phone, there are some usefull app I wish the bb10 had. One of those apps i wish the bb10 had is the ‘recorder‘. For someone like me who is still learning how to sing, sometimes I like to make a recording of my voice and listen to how I sound. Now, there are some people who wish they could have a record of a phone call conversation and perhaps, replay it anytime they so wish. Unlike the samsung galaxy note which allows both,  the blackberry 10 phone (Q5) precisely doesn’t have same functionality.

It is to that fact, we have to resort to third party application. One of the apps I have found to enable perform this functionality is the ‘Parrot‘ app.

Parrot is blackberry 10 own application and not an android application. It can be downloaded straight from the blackberry world into your bb device.

What is Parrot Application?

parrot voice recorder for blackberry 10

Parrot is an app which allows you record voice on your blackberry 10 phone. It enables you choose the kind of voice quality you so choose. The voice quality comes in three basic stages : Good (.m4a), High (.wav) and low (.awb). Parrot has got two versions; the free and the paid version.

The free version is limited to only voice recording but with the paid version, you are opened to more possibilities. These possibilities involves the ability to record phone calls, password protect your recordings (both voice and calls), choose to save recordings to SD Card (Memory Card), add attachments to your recordings, remove any form of advertisement from the app, one tap to start and stop recordings and more.

Price of Parrot Pro (Paid Version)

The paid of the app is called Parrot pro. Don’t it wrong, you don’t need to download the pro version. All you just need do is activate the pro version from the app menus. The pro (paid) version costs $2.99.

How To Download Parrot

Simply navigate to the blackberry world app on your bb10 phone, use the search button in searching for ‘parrot‘, download and let it install completely.

Do you know any blackberry 10 app that can record phone calls and voice other than the parrot app? Or an android app that can perform same functionality. Don’t forget that android apps can easily be installed on blackberry 10 phones without having to sideload or sorts.

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