How To Get Free 100MB or 200 MB from Airtel Nigeria

Its a Monday morning and starting off with some free data bundle courtesy of Airtel to your airtel line could be a great way to start the week. An 100MB data or 200MB from Airtel Nigeria could sure come in handy. Wouldn’t it?

Few weeks back, i posted a trick on getting 600MB from Airtel Nigeria, i hope you rocked that? Well, if you didn’t here is another proven method to rocking free 100MB, 200MB or even 50MB on your airtel line.

Now, this doesn’t work on all airtel sims. Just before you go thinking it doesn’t work, i have confirmed it working yesterday evening and a lot of peeps who got it has attested to it. Hence, if you didn’t get any, Sorry and if you got, please take out time to say thank you via comment.

get free 200MB or 100MB from airtel nigeria

Getting 200MB, 100MB or 50MB On Your Airtel Line

==> Migrate to Airtel club 10 paddi plan (Although this isn’t a necessity but just migrate to be on a safer path). You can migrate to club 10 by dialing *166#.
==> After successful migration, dial *141*13*200# to receive 200MB.
==> If the 200MB doesn’t work for you, then proceed to dialing *141*13*100# to get 100MB free.
==> If the 200MB doesn’t work on your sim also, then dial *141*13*50#.

Remember to use the default airtel internet settings and the free MB works on all phones and devices.

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