Download And Use Flash Share APK For BlackBerry 10 Phone?

Okay now we are back on the basics of downloading and using applications on our smartphones and here on this post, I’d like to talk on the flash share apk app for blackberry 10 phone.

If you take a look properly at the title of this post, you’d realize it’s got a question mark attached. That clearly states that this post isn’t meant to be a solution to downloading the app. Hence, am sorry if your expectation wasn’t meant. However, I’d like to save you from some stress and data usage and I urge you to continue reading this post till its very end.

Download Flash Share APP For Blackberry

If you ain’t new on this blog, you should know by now that android Apps can easily be installed on blackberry 10 phones (Q5, Q10, Z10, Z3, Z30, Q20 Classic). You do not need to sideload the app or sort. All you need do is source for the APK version of the android app since android apps use .apk as their extension. Download, install and you are good to go. But unfortunately, not all of these apps work as expected.

download flash share for blackberry

If you are looking to download flash share on lower versions of blackberry devices like the Curve, bold, Torch and others, I would advise you don’t bother searching because you won’t find it.

Using Flash Share On Blackberry 10 Phones

Having known that flash share don’t work on lower BlackBerry devices like the curve, tour, torch, bold and others, it would only be nice to wipe that off the matter and if flash share for such devices is your search, its only cool you end your search here :-).

Talking about using the flash share application on blackberry 10 phones (Using Q5 as case study), download the apk version and installing works but Using the app doesn’t.

You can download, install and even OPEN. All files will be seen via the flash share application but it’s impossible to create a connection or join a connection in other to exchange files.

Remember I am writing this report based on using a Q5 BlackBerry phone. Hence, if you are also using a Q5, you probably shouldn’t stress yourself.

If you are using other BlackBerry variant like the Q10, Z10, Z3, Z30, Q20 classic, I doubt if the app will work for your device in terms of sharing apps, files, pictures and more.

Now, Please don’t get it twisted. I tried using an earlier version 1 and the latest version 2.0 and none made any difference. Sending the app from an android phone to a blackberry phone works and install but sending from a BlackBerry phone doesn’t.

If you still insist on downloading the app and trying it out on your phone, you can download the android apk flash share app here.

Please we’d like to see your comment regarding using the flash share app on your phone using the comment form and please include the kinda BlackBerry device you use.

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