MTN Surprise For SmartPhone – Get 4.5GB Data Plan For N2500

The surprise season is not yet over as MTN has introduced new data plan for smartphone users. The new plan entails you get 4.5GB data plan for N2500 (Two thousand, five hundred Naira).

I know what’s actually going through your mind now… Isn’t this the MTN Night Plan Package? Honestly, no it isn’t. It’s quite different and quite logical. But don’t worry, I will put you through.

What Makes The New MTN Smartphone Plan Different From The Night Data Package?

If you’ve subscribed for MTN Night plan before, you’d be aware that you are given a total data volume of 4.5GB (Normal 3GB + 1.5GB Bonus). True right?… Now, the bonus 1.5GB works during the day. However, even if you choose to browse during the night time (9pm to 6am), the bonus is what will be charged. Until you finish the bonus, before the 3GB will be charged and with that, if you’ve exhausted the bonus data, you can’t browse during the day time until it’s night time (9pm to 6am).

MTN new 4.5GB for N2500 Smartphone data plan

In the case of the new smartphone plan, it’s different. Yes, you get a total of 4.5GB. However, if you browse during the day time (6.01am to 8:59pm) only the extra 1.5GB will be touched and if you browse during the night (9pm to 6am), only the 3GB will be touched. Elaborating further, the bonus or extra 1.5GB won’t be touched when you browse from around 9pm to 6am(Night time). Hope that’s understood?

Which Smartphones Can Use This Plan?

An android device is a smartphone, hence it works on android devices. It also works on windows phones, iOS (iPhone, iPad) and blackberry 10 phones.

Can This Plan Work On PC Computer?

Absolutely Yes!

How Do I subscribe For The MTN Smartphone Plan?

Simply have a minimum of N2500 available on your credit balance, send 120 to 131 and the plan will be activated for you.

Please Note: Based on reports received, from today been 17th November, 2014, subscribing to MTN Night plan gives you 4.5GB of data with no bonus. Which means you can’t use the MTN Night plan during the day time anymore. However, the supreme authenticity of this hasn’t been fully confirmed.

This smartphone plan to my best interest, is a very good alternative to the Night Plan and is highly recommended as against going for the Night Plan.

Now the question is, would you rather rock this plan or stick to buying from third party sellers or you’d rather rock airtel 4GB data plan for N1500. It’s totally your choice.

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