How To Remove Blue Check Marks For Read Messages On Whatsapp

Few days back, a major Update was made on whatsapp messenger as we realized that blue doubled check marks are been displayed when a message is Read.

This started out gradually in the sense that, it didn’t just apply to all contacts but rather, to some contacts probably based on the kind of phone they use.

While this update seemed very cool to most people, some obviously weren’t happy with it. Most whatsapp users love privacy a lot and for that reason, wouldn’t want some people to know if they read their messages or even came online to check.

Talking about been online to read a message, there was a trick to hide an online identity or last seen timestamp. That involves having to disconnect your data network whenever you want to read a message on whatsapp. That way, last seen timestamp won’t be updated.

Unfortunately, that trick no longer works with the introduction of the blue checked marks. Now, most people are looking out on how to fix this and that’s where this post comes to play a role.

Removing Whatsapp Read Message Blue Check Marks On Android

As at when posting this, this has only been tested on android phones. Hence, am going to be using an android phone as a case study here.

disable Whatsapp showing blue checks for read messages

Usually, updates to the Whatsapp application are made on the whatsapp website before been made to Google Play store and other mobile apps market.

==> Download the latest whatsapp version from the official website HERE. The Version is 2.11.448.

==> When done downloading, Upon installation, you might experience an error, if that is the case, please go to settings » Security » Check Unknown Sources to enable installing apps from unknown sources which is outside Google Play store. The path to enabling this varies based on the Android OS your phone is running on. Android 4.2.2+ Users may have to tap 5 times on the build number under about phone to open the menu.

==> Install the downloaded apk app on your phone which will install the latest app of whatsapp.

After successful installation, lets move ahead to dis-abling Read Receipts (Blue Check Marks) proper.

==> Open the newly installed whatsapp application and tap three vertical dots icons on the top right of the page.

==> Navigate to Settings » Account » Privacy and Uncheck Read Receipts.

Doing that will disable you from getting the blue check marks when a delivered message is read and vice versa.

This app isn’t currently available on Google Play Store as at when posting this, however, we are very positive that a major update should be put in place on play store for android users.

For other platform users, it is believed that downloading an earlier version of whatsapp fixes the blue marked issues. However, we can’t give definite guaranty to that and there’s absolutely so arm in trying. Just be sure to back up your contact and history before downloading the whatsapp application on your phone.

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