MTN Free 6000 Mins and 100 Mins Bonus To Call Your Partner – Read this

Since early yesterday, I had got a memo on the free MTN 6000 minutes given to every mtn sim in other to call a partner but I choose not to write about it because there was no prove it works. Throughout yesterday and this morning, I have continually been receiving questions on if I know about this and I kept answering ‘Yes but no way to use the bonus minutes yet’.

Although no proven method on how to use the free MTN 6000 minutes on MTN, I sincerely doubt if there will ever be a way but if there is, I will definitely update it here on this 6000 minutes to call a partner promo

How To Check To See If I Have Also Got The Free 6000 minutes From MTN?

For those who are naive to this and are concerned on how to check, simply dial *559*10#. As at yesterday, it was 6000 minutes to call a partner and as at this morning, I could only find 100 minutes to call a partner and honestly, I haven’t really made calls on the sim for free since it came to my notice.

How Do I Add A Partner To Be Able To Use The Bonus 6000 Minutes

Following the trend on this issue, first it was rumoured that dialing *559*1*number# adds the partner but that wasn’t working. Later *380*1*number# and *390*1*number# were rumoured to work but all proved abortive.

According to some people who got to reach MTN customer care via twitter and calls based on the subject matter, it was communicated that soon, a means on how to add a partner will be made known.

We just have to wait to see if information on how to actually use the bonus 6000 or 100 mins from MTN will be made known and if it does, we will definitly communicate it to you here on this post.

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    • Unfortunately, No sir. If you have the blackberry desktop manager installed on your laptop, you can use the cable method in connecting but for the tab, it only works with bb10 phones.

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