Use BlackBerry 10 Phone Flash Light as Torch Without Using App

Few days ago, while accessing a friend’s Blackberry Q5 phone, I noticed she was using an application in other to be able to use her phone as Torch. I asked why didn’t she use the default functionality instead of using an application and she said she didn’t know how to.

Considering this, am guessing a few more others do not know how to enable the torch functionality on their blackberry 10 phone without having to download an app and that’s why I have decided to bring up this post.

Talking about BB10 and Q5, this tutorial isn’t limited to just only Q5 phones, same functionality can be performed on other BB10 phones like Q10, Z10, Z3, Z30, Z20. Without taking much time, let’s hit the hammer on the nail.

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Setting UP Torch Function On Blackberry 10 Phone Without App

use torch on blackberry 10 without using application

==> From the Main Screen, Swipe to the menu and tap on Settings. Alternatively, you can simply swipe the screen down from the main screen and tap on Settings.

==> Navigate to Quick Settings. There you’d see some quick options to personalize your quick settings experience. Tick Torch and go back to the main screen.

==> From the Main Screen, simply swipe down and you should see ‘Torch‘ among the listing. Tap on it and the torch will be activated (Turned On).

==> To turn the Torch Off, simple follow same process you used in turning it on, tap on the Torch again to turn it off.

Please note that the flash light will be used as the torch functionality and this is same for most phones with flash light functionality.

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