BBM Screen Share Allows You Share Your Screen Via Video Chat

Based on the features available on Blackberry Messenger (BBM), the app is unarguably one of the best chatting client in the mobile world. Earlier before now, a new version of BBM was introduced for both blackberry, android and iOS devices which comes with exciting features like the Timed Message functionality. The timed message gave room for more privacy as you can time a message in the sense that, if you time a message to be visible for 5 seconds, the receiver can only read that message for 5 seconds after which it will be considered as expired.

Amongst these other features, am sure a wide range of us didn’t take note of the screen share functionality. As a matter of fact, I wasn’t aware of this until a friend brought it to my notice few days back.

bbm video with share screen

What’s the Function Of The Screen Share On BBM?

With the screen share functionality, you can be able to share your screen with the person you are doing a BBM video call with. For example, if I am on a video call with a friend, with the screen share functionality, I can make the friend see all I am doing on my screen. I can show him my pictures, videos, music, files, I can even browse and make him see what I am doing online. This feature comes very much in handy if you intend teaching someone how to perform a particular task on his phone.

How Can I Activate BBM Screen Share?

This feature is only available on a BBM Video Call. In other to activate this functionality, simply engage in a bbm video call with someone and tap on the icon that’s got a share symbol in it.

activate bbm screenshare

Depending on your network strength, you might experience some difficulty activating it. The basic error that could pop up is Screen Sharing is not ready. Just tap OK and keep retrying till you are good to go.

Try that feature out and enjoy sharing your screen with friends and contacts via BBM Video calls.

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