Buy Infinix Hot X507 From Konga For N14500 + Free Nationwide Delivery

The infinix hot X507 so far, happens to be the most affordable phone in the mobile market considering it’s specification and the price it goes for. It’s also no doubt that the device performs well based on our usage. We even gave a detailed review of the device after intensively using the device for 2 weeks and even as at when posting this, the device is still in good sharp and it’s been over a month now.

This post is more like an update to the infinix hot X507 specification post which had the price stated as N13400. There has been an adjustment to the price. This adjustment came to effect few days back and we thought it wise to update you on that.

As at the initial launching of the new price, there was an included shipping fee of N500 for shipping within Lagos which sum up to a total price of N15400 but this has been rectified. As at when posting this, the total sum of the device + shipping is same N14500. That means, free shipping nationwide. And by nationwide, it means even if you intend shipping to your village, it’s free delivery from

Infinix Hot full specs and Price

As at now, remains the only place you can get the device at that price. Although the device seem to be available at some retail outlet, it carries an extra cost fee up to N2000. Hence, the choose is yours to either wait for Konga or get from retail outlets.

Current Price Of Infinix Hot X507 on Konga and Direct Links To Buy?

As earlier stated, the device currently cost N14500 (Fourteen thousand, Five hundred Naira) from the initial amount of N13400. You also get free nationwide delivery and 500MB free data on activation from etisalat.

The infinix hot comes in 5 variant colors; Black, White, Green, Yellow and Red. As at when posting this, only the Black, White, Yellow and Red are available.

For the Black Color, Please Click Here to buy on Konga.

For the white color, Please Click Here to buy on Konga.

For the Red color, Please Click Here to buy on Konga.

And for the Yellow, Please Click Here to buy On Konga.

I would advise you act fast before the price increases. You can check out our unboxing video of the infinix hot phone here but I will have to be sincere with you, the device is cool for its price.

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