Error Downloading On Google Playstore – Here’s How To Fix

A couple of times, I have often hear android phone users complain of not been able to download from Google play-store due to problems encountered. More of the time, the frequent error message displayed is ‘There is insufficient space on the device‘. If you have been facing this problem for a while, I’d like to proffer some solutions which if followed squarely, should fix the problem and you should be able to download from Google PlayStore again.

How To Fix Error Downloading On Google Play Store

Here are some basic steps to follow. One of them should fix the problem depending on your android device(phone).

error downloading on playstore

1. Check your phone memory if its full. You can do that via Storage under settings. If yes, try uninstalling some apps or you can make do with external memory card(if your phone supports it).

2. Launch the playstore app, navigate to ‘My Apps’ and click on uninstall updates and after that, launch the playstore again and try downloading. Remember to go back to your apps and clear cache under the playstore. If Updates are what’s causing the issue, that should fix it.

3. If the options above didn’t fix it, launch the Google Play store app and go to settings, then click on uninstall updates. After that, open the play store app again and under settings, Tap on ‘Do not update‘. That should fix the issue.

Hope this helps in solving the issue of not been able to download from playstore due to errors encountered stating insufficient space on the device even when there’s still enough space on the android device.

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