MTN BetterMe 2GB for 2015 Works On BlackBerry 10 Phones

Blackberry 10 phone users like the Q5, Q10, Z3, Z10, Q20 and passport, I have got another update that would interest you and your device in terms of data in Nigeria.

If you are a frequent follower of this blog, you should be aware of the fact that glo bis works on blackberry 10 phones. With the glo bis, you get 3GB of data plan for just 1000 Naira and you can subscribe a max of thrice monthly.

Now, it has come to my attention that glo network isn’t stable in some locations in Nigeria. Hence, people tend not to opt in for glo when it comes to data subscription and it is owing to that fact, I decided to test run the new mtn betterme plan.

MTN BetterME data plan bundle

Before now, we had written on the new mtn betterme plan which was introduced earlier this month been January 2015. We made reference to the daily and monthly subscription that comes with the plan. And here on this post, it’s basically about the 2GB for just 2015 Naira.

MTN 2GB for N2015 BetterME Data Bundle Works on BB10 Phones

Yes. I just confirmed it and decided to let you know about it. Hence, if MTN network is very stable in your area and you are not comfortable with the mtn night plan which gives you a total of 4.5GB for N2500, the betterme data plan could be the best bet.

Can It Work On Android, IPAD, iPhone and PC?

Yes. I even tried sharing the internet connection from my android to my blackberry and it worked out fine.

How Do I Subscribe?

Simply dial *123*4# and choose Monthly data bundle.

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  • @papa Samuel, this is good news; however the info is incomplete because we are not told how much it costs and only the heading tells us the data allocation.

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