MTN BIS Still Works ON Android Using OpenVPN – How’s How To Set it Up

For those who have been asking if MTN bis still works on android, we have got good news for you. YES! MTN BIS still works on android and we have confirmed it working using OpenVPN. We are not just going to leave you with that news, we are going to show you how to set it up.

Now, for those who are still not been able to use glo bis on their android phones simply because they’ve not been able to change their phone’s IMEI number to a blackberry imei, we have got a post here which covers that. If you still do not feel comfortable with changing your android phone IMEI number, you can then use MTN Bis plan on your android phone. It does not require you changing IMEI or sorts. Just follow the steps we will be relaying below and you should be good to go.

mtn bis works on android using openvpn

Steps To Make MTN BIS Work On Android Using OpenVPN

==> First and foremost, download OpenVPN from Google play store here.
==> Secondly, download this config file here and extract it to your phone or SD card root folder using WinZip.
==> Make sure you have subscribed your mtn sim to blackberry bis plan. You can use the daily plan in test running it which cost just N100. Send BBCDAY to 21600 and N100 will be deducted from your account. Make sure to get a confirmation message before proceeding.
==> Launch the OpenVPN and tap on the options button, select ‘Import‘ and choose ‘Import Profile‘ from SD Card.
==> Select any of the profile from code1 to code9 and tap on Connect. Wait till it’s successfully connected and you should see a green check mark close to where it’s stated connected as seen in the screen shot below:

mtn bis working on android using openvpn

If the code you selected didn’t connect due to some error, try others. I am currently using the code 4 as earlier codes didn’t work. I haven’t tried the code5 below since the code4 still works for me.

There you have it. You can surf and download using mtn bis on your android phone with the above information. Simply show love by sharing this post using the share buttons.

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  • pls Mr Sam do i av to move the ‘master4code.txt’ away from the S.D card to the phone memory before the Mtn bis works on my innjoo

    • No you don’t. If OpenVPN isn’t working for you, please use simpleserver. Check this blog’s homepage for the tutorial on that.

  • Hmmmmmm bro tnks a lot it’s workin may God bless. I got subcribe coz of dis bt couldn’t surf with it over a month now bt tnks

  • l downloaded d openVPN, after d configuration file too was downloaded. l check d sd to extract and got the codes but l can’t find import profile to select d codes.

  • Hi there,ive done everything according your/instructions but its not worki g for me,im using a AG CHRONE smartphone

  • i can help u for only techno, infinix, tablets and any other china phones that is androids join me on whatapp 09050325277 2015

  • Samuel, that’s some great suff there man,but I’ve tried it a couple of times and it doesn’t work at all,I’m from South Africa, I’m using MTN, when I I configure the APN settings it doesn’t connect to any network, is there any other settings I can use to use mtn bis in South Africa on both android and pc..please help..
    thank you in advance, hope to hear from you soon

  • I use M4CODE4.vpn but it tells me error reading file referenced by profile: master4code.txt: file is binary:/sdcard/.winzip/tmp/_tmp_folder_1439834342196/MTNBIS+openvpn/master4code.txt but I did it witout subs but if I have subs can it work out?

  • Hi there. I need help. please?
    I have a Hisense Infinity Pure Mini. The phone is using too much Data. I want to change it from using Data to using the BIS plan. I know there is some highly secretive setting on all Android phones to change this, I just don’t know where or how. Please HELP??

    • Check if the IMEI can be changed using Mobile Uncle tools. If yes, change it to a blackberry imei and start using glo bis on it.

  • Plz i was using the one with profile name vpnbook with password been changed weekly and it stopped working.i heard it was blocked by mtn .. Plz z dis one stil working?

  • Hi samuel, great stuff. I just have one question, do u help us guys from south africa or not because we can really use your expertise.

    Thanks man

  • I understand Sam, but I can give the information u need and u do ur magic or teach me how to, how about that?,

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