How To Root Infinix Hot X507 Using iRoot

For sometime now, I have been paying more attention to my innjoo note than the infinix hot in terms of technicalities basically because I got the note first. I think I am done tweaking the innjoo note for now and i’ve written tutorials on how to root the device, change the IMEI and how to install and use fonts on the innjoo device. Now, it’s time for the infinix hot in terms of technicalities.

I just rooted the infinix hot x507 android phone successfully and decided to share the steps on how to.

Earlier before now, I had tried using kingroot and framaroot but none of them worked in rooting the device. iRoot which is formally known as VRoot, did the rooting successfully.

Rooting Infinix Hot X507 Using iRoot

==> First and foremost, you need to enable developer option on the device. To do this, simply go to Settings > About, Tap on the build number like 7 times till you get a notification saying ‘you are now a developer’.

==> Next, you need to turn on USB Debugging mode. On default, it’s enabled but you can go to Settings > Developer Options and confirm that USB Debugging is turned on.

==> Next, Download PDANet+ here and install, you will probably get a notification stating if you’d like to install drivers or cancel. Choose to install and select Others.

==> When you get an error stating PDANet installation on phone, connect your infinix hot phone via a good working USB cable to your computer and the error should automatically clear and you should get some check marks.

At this point, PdaNet+ app should have automatically installed on your phone and you should get a complete installation notification on your computer.

==> Download iRoot here and install on your PC, install the application and choose to launch.

==> If you previously removed your phone from the computer, reconnect and your phone should be detected on iRoot software interface.

infinix hot connected to pc using iroot

==> Click On Root and the process should commence. Wait for a while, watch your phone and you should see it reboots. When it reboots, you should see a notification stating ‘android is upgrading’.

rooting infinix hot phone

==> At this point, do nothing till it’s stated on the iRoot software interface that Infinix X507 root successed!

infinix hot phone rooted

==> At this point, Click On Complete and you can choose to check root access via the iRoot software and you should get a notification stating ‘Infinix X507 has root permissions. You can now disconnect your device.

infinix hot x507 root permission

How To Confirm If Infinix Hot X507 Has Been Rooted

If you are still having doubt of a successful root, check your phone menus and you should find ‘Super User and Super Cleaner app’ automatically installed. You can also choose to download Root Check App from Google Play store here to check root.

In subsequent posts, I will be writing on how to change the infinix hot imei to a blackberry imei and also how to install fonts on the infinix hot x507 android phone.

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