How To Take Screenshots On Infinix and Innjoo Android Phones

Still writing based on infinix and innjoo android phones which happens to be my latest android devices, I tend to understand that some people are inquisitive to knowing how to take screenshot on these devices.

Unlike Samsung android devices and other Qualcomm snapdragon processor devices, taking screenshot on MTK processor devices seem the same. Taking screenshot on infinix and innjoo note phones are same process with taking screenshot on Tecno android phones. And since all of these phones runs on same kind of processor (MediaTeK), I am guessing it’s same process for all MTK devices.

Taking Screenshots On Innjoo and Infinix Android Phones

Without taking much time, let’s get down to the subject matter. Taking screenshot on these devices are very easy. It just requires you pressing two buttons at the same time. Regardless of the fact on whether you use an Infinix Zero X506, Infinix Hot X507, Innjoo i1s, i2s, note or any of their brand devices, same steps are applicable.

take screenshot on infinix and innjoo


==> Make sure you are on the screen you want to take a screenshot of (Even if it’s the homepage screen, a conversation screen or even this post screen).

==> Press and hold the volume down + Power button together at same time. You should get a shutter sound if sounds are turned on.

Check the gallery folder on the android phone and you should find the screenshot image there.

Taking Screenshots on infinix android phones and innjoo android phones is as easy as that.

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