Eskimi Android App : No, You cannot Change Profile Pics Using The App

For something now, I have been paying  attention to the use of apps and one of them happens to be the Eskimi Android app. The Eskimi Android app is the official android app for Eskimi site.

Eskimi isn’t a new site. It’s been in existence for years now and has always been a social platform to which users can make new friends. It’s a pretty simple social network although, can be complex at same time. The social network seem more fun for females(well, it’s same for every other social network).

The Android app to the social network has got some limitations which are essential. For example, the stage feature which is available on both the desktop version and the mobile Web version, isn’t available on the Android app.

Eskimi android application

More importantly, you can not really change profile pictures the way you want using the Android app. Although uploading works easily, you can only change your profile picture on Eskimi to the newly uploaded picture. Using the app, you cannot change to other pictures. If you need to do that, you will have to access the mobile Web site at

Changing Eskimi Profile Pics On Mobile

==> Using your phone mobile browser, visit and Log in your account.  Scroll down to the end of the page where it’s stated My Profile and Photos.

==> Tap on Edit Profile and tap on Profile Pictures.  Your already uploaded pictured will be displayed.

==> Scroll down till you see the one you’d like to use as your profile picture and tap on ‘Make Main‘.

And your chosen profile picture will be used as your main DP on Eskimi. You can now access the Eskimi Android app and you will see the Display picture been changed.

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