How To Get Free MTN 250MB Data Unlimited – February 2015

First, let me usher you to the month of February 2015 and as we know, this is the month set for valentine and election day in Nigeria. Evidently, the month seem to be starting on a nice note courtesy of the fact that, you can get a whooping free 250MB from MTN Nigeria. Getting this MB is pretty easy and first. As a matter of fact, it’s confirmed by me and the process didn’t take up to 5 minutes.

Well, without much talks, am just gonna give you a quick run down on how you too can benefit from the Free MTN 250MB data and you can keep getting this continuously by following same procedure over and over again.

Steps To Getting Free MTN 250MB Data

==> You can choose to get a new MTN sim for this or you can choose to use your existing MTN SIM (In my case, i used my existing MTN SIM).

get free 250MB from MTN here

==> The process involves changing your android phone IMEI number. We’ve covered tutorials that has to do with changing MTK android phones IMEI on this blog. If using Innjoo android phones, you can use the tutorial HERE. If using Tecno, Infinix or other MTK android Phones, you can use the Tutorial Here in changing your phone IMEI.

==> Copy the following set of numbers 867648010 into a sheet of paper or somewhere, visit IMEI Calculater site Here and enter into the box any 5 numbers of your choice, a 6th number will be displayed to you. Now add all of those numbers to the earlier numbers. Totaling them should be 15 right?

==> Now, change your android IMEI number (Use SIM1) to those numbers you have copied out. (Please remember to keep a backup of your old IMEI number just in-case you want to change it back).

==> Put your phone on airplane mode and restart the phone. When it completely booted up, turn off airplane mode and check your IMEI number by dialing *#06# to see if the new IMEI has taken effect.

==> If you can see the new IMEI number, go to text message and send NOKIA to 131 and you should get a message stating that your free 250MB offer has been activated. You can furthermore confirm by sending 2 to 131 and that’s all.

Rock your February with the free 250MB and don’t forget you can keep getting it over and over again. You can say thanks by simply sharing this post or posting a comment. Cheers!

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    • Hello David, for samsung phones, it’s advisable you give the phone to someone who specializes in changing phone imei. If in lagos, you can take it to computer village because the software used in changing samsung imei is expensive but the guys in computer village will charge you just about N1000.

      • @Mr. Sam i did my own and it was giving me this message that Dear customer, you are eligible for only one 2MB data Plan per day…. so what do i do oooo

        • It seems to me that your IMEI hasn’t been successfully changed. Please dial *#06# to confirm if the IMEI has been changed successfully and do make sure the IMEI number you generated is correct. I can post screenshot of mine which worked perfectly well.

  • I dnt really get calculating d a nurse tryn to do IT stuff bt wat did u mean by adding d numbers to d first one n am I to choose d number to calculate frm my imei number?

  • pls I dnt really get hw to calculate d I to choose frm my own imei to calculate or am to choose frm d number u asked us to writ down n I dnt get d adding togeda

    • Please read through the instruction again. It’s very explanatory. Please kindly read through again and am sure you will understand better.

  • ” ==> Now, change your android IMEI number (SIM 1 or
    SIM 2) to those numbers you have copied out. (Please
    remember to keep a backup of your old IMEI number
    just in-case you want to change it back).”

    How exactly do I change it? Is it from that site? were do I click? please help.

    • If you intend changing it back right? Just follow the process you used in changing the IMEI and when inserting the IMEI, use the one you want to change it to. Hence, if changing to the previous one, use the previous imei. You grab?

  • Am sorry for disturbing you Sam. I still don’t get you, I went to that IMEI calculator site, I entered a four digit of my choice, my browser loaded, and 7 appeared on the right side of the box. What exactly to do from here is what I don’t no. How do I change the IMEI, using sim 1? ( Now, change your android IMEI number ( Use SIM1 )
    to those numbers you have copied out)
    Is it by dialling or what? how do I add the number I copied somewhere? help, I need to change this IMEI, like seriously! Thanks for your time

    • Add all of those numbers to the initial number stated on the post. Adding it up should amount to a total of 15 figures. Now, tweak your imei to those numbers. You can check out our tutorials on how to do that. The links are stated on the post.

  • SAM! you are the man of the year, I went back to read ur post on how to change IMEI, I rooted my phone, the very first IMEI I change gave me this awesome 250 mb instantly. though there said it expires on 8, hope If I change IMEI again it will work again? Thanks once again man. I and my friends will spend our time strolling and sitting down on the streets of this wondaful blog from now on

    • Thanks pal. I love the fact that you took time to post a testimony. You can choose to change your IMEI back to what it is before and the free MB will still work. I’d be glad to see more of you and your comments here.

  • Sammy, this is the message I received after I sent it ooooo “Sorry, you currently have no active Data Bundle. Subscribe to a data plan now! Text HELP to 131 for a list of available data plans.” pls what’s the solution now, I will be glad if you can assist me pls. Tnx Boss.

  • I did it some days ago and I exhausted it,,, when am trying to re_do with new imei it write ” You are entitle to this offer once”

    • Hello Kelvin, considering your comment, i had to try it using my infinix hot phone (I used my innjoo note earlier) and another MTN SIM and it worked out at one try. I wish screenshots can be attached to comments here. Just make sure to generate a correct IMEI. When entering numbers on the IMEI analyzer, i would advise the first number to be 2. Goodluck Pal.

  • Followed your instructions to the core but it still didn’t work. Anyways it doesn’t matter , I’m rocking free 2GB on my Airtel Sim…


    • Am glad the airtel worked for you. The Airtel didn’t work on the infinix hot but the MTN worked out perfectly well. Thanks for clarifying buddy.

  • Guy I want to cry here I have changed my imel successfully everything successful but 131 is telling me to go and buy an mtn Nokia phone plzzzz help me I have double checked everything but d sane message plz

  • Guy I want to cry here I have changed my imel successfully everything successful but 131 is telling me to go and buy an mtn Nokia phone plzzzz help me I have double checked everything but d sane message plz

  • Plz help I tried dah mtn infinix hot 2GB it worked first time but I changed d imei again and send d text and mtn replied “Sorry, you have already enjoyed this offer. Please subscribe to any other MTN data plan to enjoy cheaper rates.” why?

  • hi Sam. please can I root tecno p5+ after already changed the IMEI? if yes, can I use that Framaroot for it? thanks

  • Mr s.. Pls hlp me wit valid imei no 4 my infinix hot phone so dat i can get d mtn 2015mb.@@@ watsapp me pls or call… 07033425398

  • Plz mr sam, is dia any free mtn data plan currently working effectively with blackberry fones save subscription?

  • Please i have a phone and the name is bush…… I have tried all methods that i no but is not changing the imei number…… What should i do next

  • Please, are this things still working right now. And can I use my blackberry imei to swap for my android phone, if not, can you pls send me a valid BB imei. Thank you

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