Glo Borrow Me Credit – How To Borrow Airtime From Glo Nigeria

It’s a common belief that there are times we could run out of Airtime when on an important call and there could possibly be no means to getting credit at that point or location. Glo Nigeria is aware of such circumstances and that’s why the Glo Borrow Me Credit service was introduced.

The service isn’t new. As a matter of fact, it’s been ongoing for a long time now. We just thought it wise to share it here now and we sincerely apologize if you think it’s coming late.

borrow credit on glo network

The Glo Borrow Me Credit is a service which allows its customers borrow credit from the network and refund it back during their next Airtime recharge. What this entails is, if you should borrow N200 credit from glo via their borrow me credit service, the next time you will be making a recharge, the borrow amount will be automatically debited.

How To Borrow Credit On Glo

The normal short-code for borrowing credit on glo is *321#. However, we won’t just want to stop there. We’d like to share with you the codes to which you can borrow specific amounts.

For N50 borrow credit, dial *321*50#,
For N100 credit, Dial *321*100#,
For N200 borrow Airtime, Dial *321*200#,
For N300 Credit, Dial *321*500#,
For N1000 credit, dial *321*1000#.

Just like other telecommunication network in Nigeria, Glo charges service charge and it’s actually 5% of the borrowed amount.

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