IPhone Users Vs Android Vs Blackberry Phone Users – See Funny Pics

The picture below shows a typical iPhone user, how she sees herself, how she’s been seen by blackberry users and how she’s been seen by android users. Same applicable to the typical android user and blackberry user. I really find the pics to be hilarious and i thought it wise to share it with you here.

iPhone vs android vs blackberry

Personally, i think iPhone is only used for the fashion and class considering it’s price but then, i will give credits to the camera. The iPhone camera is superb. The reason most people use blackberry devices is because of it’s simplicity and it’s subscription cost.

For me, the android OS rocks. I love android because it’s open source and you can experiment with it’s OS unlike the iPhone and Blackberry. Quite alright, just like the iPhone, the subscription cost is quite expensive but if you know your way round, subscription isn’t an issue. Glo bis works on android if you change the IMEI. MTN Bis works on android by simply using Simple server.

I love android OS although i still fancy the iPhone because of the camera quality. I love blackberry because of the subscription cost and the blackberry 10 OS just makes everything better.

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