Something BIG From Jumia, Infinix and MTN Is About To Hit You – Jim’s Big Thing

Something big from three top brands is about to hit you. One of the top online retail shop,  Jumia, One of the leading mobile manufacturing company, Infinix mobile and one of the top telecommunication company in Nigeria, MTN is bringing something BIG to your doorstep. According to speculations, it’s something that will drastically bring about dissatisfaction with what you currently have. It’s sure to satisfy the desires of all the ladies and not just the ladies, it’s something the guys wish they had it and sure, it’s expected to satisfy the men’s desire.


The huge big thing termed as JIM’s BIG Thing courtesy of Jumia, Infinix and MTN, should be coming to your doorstep in the next couple of weeks and it’s guaranteed to be the talk and toast of town.

JIMS-Big-Thing from Jumia, infinix and MTN

Speculations on social media and in social gatherings have already started gaining momentum as to what exactly JIMsBigThing is but Jumia, Infinix and MTN are still keeping their cards very close to their chest. Jonathan Doerr, MD Jumia Marketing said, ‘We are very excited about JIMsBigThing as it is not only going to change the landscape but it will also raise the yardstick on a good number of factors in Nigeria. I can say this is one of the rare occasions in life where the word ‘Introducing’ is well and truly worth looking forward to’.

This begs the question, what is JIMsBigThing?? Maybe the images above could help with an idea of what this is all about but then, like they said, they are keeping the cards close to their chests. You can check out Jumia’s tease about the JUMsBigThing.

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