How To Use Whatsapp Web Feature With Mozilla Firefox Browser

With the introduction of Whatsapp Web which enables you to run and use whatsapp messenger on computer without emulator software, i just have to admit that the chat client has stolen my heart as the best chatting service. The feature was introduced few weeks back and i will graciously say i have been flexing it. No more do i need to have divided attention in regards operating my laptop and replying important whatsapp messages on my phone. Now, i could do everything on my computer while my phone is placed on a distance.

whatsapp web feature on mozilla firefox

When the whatsapp web feature was newly introduced, it could only be used on Google Chrome browser but thankfully, you can now use it with the Mozilla Firefox browser. All that is required is to install a simple add on plugin on firefox which does the magic.

Using Whatsapp Web On Mozilla Firefox Browser

For those of us whose favourite browser is the mozilla firefox, no more do you have to toggle between google chrome and firefox all in a bid to replying whatsapp messages. All can do done from the comfort of one PC browser.

==> Simply download the Whatsapp Web Add-On Here. No need to get scared of data, it’s just about 8.4KB.

==> After successfully downloaded, click on Add to Firefox and choose to install it. Make sure it is also activated.

==> After the plugin has been successfully installed and activated. On the Firefox address bar, visit

==> Scan your QR barcode and the client should automatically mirror your phone with your computer thereby showing you all your current chats and you can start receiving and sending messages using the PC client. However, please do make sure to keep internet active on both your mobile device and your computer.

I am honestly waiting for the call feature to be officially introduced on whatsapp. Can’t wait to start rocking free calls and say welcome to a huge decline in mobile phone recharges due to calls.

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