Ability To See How Many People Viewed Your Tweet On Twitter Currently In Beta?

Few minutes back, while checking TechsNG twitter account as usual, I stumbled on a feature which seemed quite amusing. I saw a new feature which allows me see how many times a tweet has been viewed. I said to myself, wooooow! Thank God for Twitter.

how many times a tweet has been viewed on twitter

I decided to log into my personal twitter account to see if same functionality appears there because honestly, I have been running my personal twitter account and using it on this blog for years before I decided to open TechsNG official twitter account and only choose to start using it here few months back. I expected tweets on my personal account would get much views better than that on techsng twitter account since I have more followers on the personal than the brand. Upon logging in, I followed same procedure but couldn’t find the view tweet activity symbol.

I decided to reload the TechsNG twitter page and still yet, I could see the tweet activity icon which allows me see how many times a tweet has been viewed but this feature was still not available on my personal twitter account.

Considering this ordeal, am guessing the feature is still in beta. Which means, not everyone can see the new feature, just some few users. I cannot ascertain which kind of twitter accounts can see the new feature in action and which cannot at the moment but you can log in to your account to verify.

Steps To Viewing How Many Times a Tweet On Twitter Has Been Read

==> Log into your account using a computer (that’s because I used a PC)
==> View your profile by clicking on your profile image on the top right side of the screen and clicking on View Profile.
==> Look clearly under your tweets and you will probably see a new symbol which seems like an analytic symbol. Placing your cursor on it, it should read view twitter activity.

view read tweets on twitter

==> Click on it and you should be shown full details in regards how many times that particular tweet has been viewed and other activity on the tweet (if any). The details should look like the first picture I used on this post (Please look up).

If you can’t find the symbol there, it simply means the feature isn’t available on your account yet. Let’s hope it will be made available to every twitter account soon.

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