Latest BBM Update For Blackberry 10 Phones Gets Custom PIN, No Ads Option, Available For Download

Few weeks back, we had stated that a beta BBM Update For iOS and Android devices has been launched. We stated that the beta update comes with more features that enable you create a custom BBM pin for yourself or your brand,  allows you bypass ads been shown on feeds amongst other options.

Few days ago, an official update was released for Android OS, iOS and Blackberry 10 platforms. If you haven’t got the update, you should check your OS market. For Android users, please check Google play store. For iOS users, please check iTunes and for blackberry users, please check the blackberry world app.

BBM update with customizable pin and no ads

The features introduced are no different from what we stated on the beta version. Ability to customize your pin, choose No Ads Option, post pictures directly in group chats alongside other bug fixes and improvement.

Customizing Your BBM PIN

This option comes with a monthly subscription cost of $1.99. If you are not comfortable with the current pin given to you by default, with this option, you can customize it to whatever suits you as long as it’s easy to remember.

How Do I Customize My BBM PIN?

==> Launch the BBM app and tap to view your profile.
==> Right below your pin which is directly after your status update, you should see an option stating ‘customize your pin‘.
==> Tapping on it, you should be redirected to a page where you will be told to subscribe.  Subscription cost is $1.99 monthly and before payment, you will be required to log into your blackberry account.

No Ads Option

This feature also comes with a monthly subscription cost of $0.99. If you are not comfortable with seeing ads pop out on your BBM feeds, this option makes sure you do not see any of those adverts.

Post Photos On Groups

This option comes at no subscription cost and should be easy to work with. If you are the type who is engaged into groups on BBM chat, you can now post multiple photos to groups.


With these subscription costs, do you think BBM is heading the right direction to keeping the chat client alive and in vogue?

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  • It’s even more interesting to know that people can use names as their custom pin. But $1.99 on a monthly basis? BlackBerry didn’t just do that right.

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