Watch New Fast and Furious 7 Official Movie Video Trailer 2015

For lovers of racing movies, it’s no doubt that the fast and Furious movie, is one to reckon with. I personally,  I have watched the movie from part 1 to the part 6 and am certain to watch the part 7 when it’s officially released.

Watch fast and furious 7 movie

Universal studios has released the official trailer of the fast and Furious movie 7 titled Furious 7 Official trailer. It was released on Saturday during a world premiere event at Universal studios.

As at when posting this, the movie isn’t yet officially out. However, the movie is expected to the released on the 3rd of April, 2015. The movie features some of its usual actors (from 1 to 6) including scenes Paul walker has filmed before his sudden death.

The part 7 of the movie didn’t disappoint. Looking at the trailer, you can tell that the movie just got even more interesting and I honestly can’t wait to watch it.

You can watch the Furious 7 Official Trailer Video Below:

As earlier stated, the movie is expected to be released on the 3rd of April, 2015. So, look out for it.

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