Did you know : You Can’t Run More Than 8 Apps At Same Time On BB10 Phones

Few weeks back, a major OS update was introduced on Blackberry 10 phones called the OS 10.3.1. Am sure most of us thought the update was going to fix the issue based on the limitation of running apps one can run on the bb10 phone.

Although there was a really significant OS change which made the bb10 OS look more beautiful and sleek but we still cannot run more than 8 Apps At a time in the background.

Few weeks after the initial update, a minor update called OS was introduced. Updating my device to OS, we believed the OS was introduced to fix some bug issues which came with the initial OS and we hoped the limitation to the number of apps one can run at same time would be met but apparently, that wasn’t the case.

number of running apps on blackberry 10 phones

Although, since updating to the latest OS, I haven’t had any issues with the OS that I could report as this time. Everything seems to be working fine except for the number of running apps.

The number of running apps allowed still remains at 8. If you tried launching another app, one of your current running apps would have to be closed in other to make room for the newly launched app.

Fine! 8 is quite a good number allowed in terms of running apps but wouldn’t blackberry have given us the chance to decide for ourselves just like a typical Android OS?

Well, maybe blackberry is just working in regards making sure you do not consume too much CPU resource which would in-turn, make the device lag and that’s why they are limiting you to a maximum of 8 running apps at same time. Just felt I should let you know. **Smiles….

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  • pls I have now update my phone to the latest version of the new os but I wanna wipe it. will the install os delete if I wanna wipe it off

  • i received a movie from an android phone to my bb10 bt it did nt subtitle on my phone. it’s an indian film. pls wot’s d settings

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