How To Check GLO Blackberry BIS Data Plan Balance

For some time now, i have often been faced with the question ‘How D0 I check my glo blackberry bis data balance?‘. Most people asking this question tend to be using a blackberry 10 phone and that is because it’s no longer news that glo bis plan of N1000 for 3GB works on blackberry 10 phones. If you haven’t been rocking that on your bb10 device or you have been paying higher data plan for your bb10 device, trust me when i say you have been missing out. That’s even more reason to why you should stick to techsng blog because we strive to give you information relating to all of those and more.

check glo bis data balance

Well, without wasting much of your time on this page, let’s head to the main subject matter which entails checking glo bis plan data balance.

Checking GLO Blackberry BIS Data Balance

There are basically two ways to checking glo bis data balance. You can choose to using the dialing method or as well use the messaging method.

If using the dialing method, simply dial *777*0# and call. Your data balance will be displayed to you alongside the validity period.

If you choose to use the text messaging method, simply text status to 777 and a message will be sent to you with details in regards your data balance and validity period.

Do remember that the code to subscribe is comonth to 777 and N1000 will be deducted from your account balance thereby giving you 3GB of data. What more? You can subscribe thrice in a month which will lead to 9GB of data for just N3000. You can even use this data on android phones by simply tweaking their IMEI to blackberry IMEIs and if using a bb10 phone, you can simply share the data to other devices with wifi feature via hotspot on your bb10 phone.

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