How To Leave Group Chats On Whatsapp Using Blackberry 10 Phone

How does it feels like when you are added to a group chat on whatsapp without your consent? Pretty Annoying right? Yes, i understand that. It even gets worse when your phone is constantly notifying you of new messages only to realize they are all chats from the whatsapp group.

Whatsapp actually gives you the option to mute the group chat but that doesn’t mean you are actually out of the group. The mute function only allows you not to receive beep notification of new messages from the whatsapp group. However, that doesn’t mean your battery won’t drain as a result of the constant messages. If you are really not interested in a group you were forcefully added to, the best option would be leaving the group.

remove yourself from group chats on whatsapp

How To Leave Whatsapp Group Chats Using Blackberry 10 Phone

I am actually going to be using a blackberry 10 phone as a case study because that’s the device i use basically for whatsapp and bbm messages. Other devices shouldn’t have a hard time leaving groups on whatsapp.

==> Launch your whatsapp application and open the group you were forcefully added to.

==> Tap on Options and Tap on show group info. There, you should find details about the group alongside it’s participates.

==> Tap on Options again and you should be shown ‘Exit Group’. Tap on it and a warning should appear stating thus: ‘Are you sure you want to exit group “group name”, if yes, tap on Exit.

That’s it. You should be out of the group. Hope that helps in improving your chat involvements on whatsapp?

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