Whatsapp Latest App Update For Android Comes With a Better Sleek Design

Whatsapp is really gaining more grounds and waxing stronger in the mobile chat world with new updates been introduced. Few weeks back, the anticipated free calling feature was introduced on whatsapp which enables you make voice calls with your whatsapp contacts via your data network connection and not normal call rates.

Few hours back, a new update was launched for Android phones and it comes with a really sleek design.

I have upgraded to the latest version of whatsapp and I must commend a really nice work done. It also comes with a notification on the homepage which aids you in creating a group chat (i.e if you intend doing so).

whatsapp latest version with material design

Apart from the sleek design, new smileys added and the ability to share your location with a contact (don’t know if that’s been there though), I can’t seem to find any new feature. The call tab is still present and whatsapp calls still works very well (Just incase you are skeptical about that).

Without much deliberating on this, let me aid you on how to update your whatsapp app to its latest version. Please note this is entirely for android phone users.

Updating Whatsapp For Android to Latest Version

I am not sure if the update has been shifted to Google play store but I would advise you download from the official whatsapp website because that is where i got mine from.

==> First and foremost, I would advise you make a backup of your current conversations on whatsapp just in case anything goes wrong and you wish to have your chat history back.

==> Visit www.whatsapp.com/android and choose to download.

==> Download the app and Install successfully. Follow the onscreen instruction and you should be able to feel the new sleek design.

Please note, according to whatsapp, tablets running Android OS are not supported. It’s basically intended for Android phones running Android 2.1 and above.

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