Check Out This Phone With 8000mAh Battery Life – Battery Of Life lol

Battery capacity in terms of how long a battery can last in a phone seem to have become a major determinant to how well a phone will do in the market. In a country as ours where electricity isn’t stable, we grave for devices that it’s battery can last us for a whole day or two. Infinix hot note seem to do justice to that with the 4000mAh battery alongside Gionee and other few android phones which seem to have meet up with our expectations.

But, how about a phone with a battery capacity of 8000mAh? So far so good, there hasn’t been any device which meets up with such battery capacity and for that reason, someone or some group of people somewhere, decided to put their intelligence into more action.

Check out This Phone Using 5 Batteries Together In One Device

8000mAh Battery capacity on a phone

For those who may have used Nokia phones before, you would quite agree with me that Nokia battery has a good battery life. Think of that kinda battery multiplied by 5 in just one phone? What’s the best name for it? Battery of Life or Phone of life?? I think it’s best you decide that 馃榾

By the way, we haven’t confirmed how true this picture is but we sure took it as humour.

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