How Old Do I Look? Microsoft Can Guess Your Age Using #HowOldRObot Web-App

If you have always wondered how old you think people see you by your facial appearance, i think it’s high time you probably allow Microsoft guess your age using their howoldrobot web application.

The web app just tries to guess your age by the kind of picture you upload on the platform. If you care so much about privacy, not to worry, the web app does not store your pictures.

The howoldrobot web app does not only guess age in selfies, it can also guess the age of various people in a group picture.

I actually tried the web app in guessing a group picture which consist of myself and co-bloggers. The web app was able to guess my age, Don Caprio’s age and Sulaimon’s age. I am wondering why it couldn’t capture that of Kelvin. Maybe error lol!

How old do i look according to microsoft howoldrobot app

But then, Do i look 33??

Then after, i decided to check that of a selfie and guess what the age predicted??

My age according to microsoft howoldrobot web app

Like seriously! Does this young face of mine look 29??

Well, just like the web app rightly stated, they apologize if they didn’t quite get the age and gender right and that is because they are still improving the feature.

This sorta reminds me of the access bank talk to tomorrow app which said i will worth N105,451,560.00 in the next 20 years. That amount is not bad oooo but it would have made more sense if the Naira was actually in Dollar :-D.

Wanna Try The Microsoft Age Guessing App?

If yes, just log on to and see for yourself.

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