Looking At Buying A Brand New Car Online? Konga.com Now Sells Kia Cars

Are you looking at buying a brand new car online and having it delivered to your doorstep? Or perhaps, you are looking at buying a brand new kia car online and sending it to someone? Konga.com just step a step further by allowing customers shop for cars on the online shopping mall.

Konga has often been known for credibility and personally, i have often bought from the online shopping mall. I understand you may have doubts in regards buying calls online for some huge sum of amount but then, even with the kia car sales, you still have the option of paying on delivery. That way, you’d get the chance of test running what you want to got before paying for it.

Kia Motors Nigeria Online store on Konga

Kia Motors Now Found on Konga

Your dream car is actually now just a few clicks away. Yes, South Korean car dealer Kia Motors now have a store on Konga where brand new Kia cars are sold. They can be bought by just placing your order like you would on any other order on Konga.com. Whether it’s the Kia Rio, Soul, Cerato, Sportage or even Picanto, it is available right there on Konga.com. What’s great about this is that the Pay on Delivery option also applies to Kia Motors as well. You also have the option of going to pick up the car yourself or having it delivered right to your doorstep. The choice is absolutely yours.

Where Can I Find These Kia Motor Cars On Konga.com?

Very simple. Just visit the kia motors Nigeria store here on konga and shop for the kia car of your choice. When checking out, i would advise using the pay on delivery option so that you’d get to see and test ride the drive before paying for it. Nice one Konga!

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