Android Lollipop 5.0 Update Will Be Rolled Out On Infinix Phones By August 2015

Infinix android phone users anticipating the release of Android 5.0 lollipop update, Good news has a staff at infinix mobility has confirmed that android lollipop 5.0 OS will be rolled out for some infinix android in August 2015.

Prior to when we got a unit of the infinix zero 2 android phone at infinix mobility office, we asked a top staff if the device will be getting a lollipop update soon as the device comes with the well known android kitkat out of the box and it was confirmed Yes.  However, there was no specific date as to when the update will be rolled out.

infinix phones with android lollipop

A staff via the infinix mobility forum has confirmed that the update will be rolled out in August 2015. However,  test version will be rolled out in July then a final roll out version in August.

This will certainly sound as relief to virtually every infinix android phone user however, it’s not quite clear which infinix phones will be getting the update but what we are quite sure about is the fact that the infinix hot note and zero 2 will be getting the update. Infinix Zero x506 might also got the update too but for the mean time, let’s just keep my fingers crossed.

It’s also not quite clear if the update will be rolled over via OTA update or having to download and flashing the file separately but we are hoping it will be rolled via OTA after all, that’s what we really need an OTA update feature for.

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  • Why do u like china phones too much?if not infinix its injo or all other low quality china phone out there….. Hmmmmmm! U need buy better phone use am once and u forget infinix forever.

    • lol I have also used other brands phones. The thing is, most people in Nigeria go for these phones because of it’s price and yes, they are durable too. They run on same android OS most other big brands like Samsung, HTC and others run on. Changing imei on infinix, innjoo and others in other to use glo bis on the phone are much easier than on Samsung, Sony and the rest. Rooting is also much easier as well as changing font. What more can one ask for?

  • What of display qhd? Water resistant? Faster processor?solidly built lte better battery life my brother just name it…………but all the same

  • uncle, the only good thing about the more Expensive phone brands is the ability to use custom roms and firmware, this is basically used by technical people, most are not even interested in that. Key functionality is the selling point with the MTK phones, BTW I aint seeing them coz these mtk phones has china phones, (fakes ones) too. MTK is rocking

    • Thanks for pointing that out Edi. I use an iPhone also and to be honest, Android is much easier to work with than an iPhone, yet the iPhone is much more expensive than android phones except for the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. The iPhone 5s cost over 100K presently while the Samsung Galaxy S5 cost less than 100K. Yet, there are much more you can do on an android than an iPhone in terms of customization. iPhone is just used for the fancy of it and same applies to most expensive phones. Although Samsung phones and other big brand phones are really cool (more features) and are most likely more durable, changing IMEI easily on most MTK phones without going to a technician in other to use glo bis (much cheaper data) certainly sets the pace. The point is, cut your cloth according to your material lol.

  • Average Nigerian can not lay their hands on android phones before the arrival of MTK phones. These mtk phones are closed to common people, imagine, if you have just N13,000 you will use android phone. Thanks to China technology.

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